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Do you always feel left out around your Spanish-speaking friends?  Are you marrying a Spaniard?  Want to travel to Peru?  Fascinated by Mexican culture and history?  Need to learn Spanish for work?  Or do you just love the language?  No matter your reason for wanting to learn Spanish, and there are many great ones, you will probably need some advice along the way from somebody who has been in your shoes.  This site is a result of my observation that though there are many sites out there claiming to sell winning Spanish study aides, none of them really give a good overview of what it takes to learn a new language in general and Spanish in particular.  In fact, most sites out there are blatant scams with titles like "Speak Spanish Fluently in 7 Days" or "Learn Spanish Effortlessly in a Month."  Unfortunately, unless you are Einstein, you won't speak fluent Spanish in a month and it certainly won't be effortless.  There is NO shortcut to learning a language.  Luckily, Spanish learners are fortunate to have some phenomenal resources at their disposal to fit every budget.  Keep in mind that you get what you pay for, but the most expensive programs are not necessarily always the best.  I have found some exceptional $5 grammar books and many sub-par $50 audio programs.  The main goal of this site is to guide you through an effective learning process and to recommend a few tried-and-true Spanish books and audio programs so you don't waste your time and money on ineffective products like I and countless others have.  I've also taken the liberty of recommending a few excellent Spanish and Latin American Travel Guides because hey, what's the point of learning Spanish if you never get to use it?

So if you're ready, please visit my Spanish Learning Tools page for my opinions on the various Spanish-learning resources out there or proceed to my Learn Spanish Today! page.


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